Goby Underwater Autonomy Project

The Goby Underwater Autonomy Project (https://github.com/GobySoft/goby3) aims to create a unified framework for the collaboration of multiple scientific autonomous marine vehicles, seamlessly incorporating acoustic, ethernet, wifi, and serial communications.

Goby3 provides a publish/subscribe middleware that operates on the concept of unified Nested Communications, with differing layers for interthread, interprocess, and intervehicle communications.

Goby is primarily written in C++, and is freely available under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL); since version 2.0, all libraries are available under the less restrictive Lesser GPL (LGPL).


Version 3.0 (recommended): https://goby.software/3.0
Version 2.0 (legacy, stable): https://goby.software/2.0
Version 1.1 (historical reference only): https://goby.software/1.1

Wiki: https://github.com/GobySoft/goby/wiki