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goby::moos::protobuf::DesiredCourse Class Reference
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Public Types

typedef boost::units::time_dimension time_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< time_dimension, boost::units::si::system > time_unit
typedef boost::units::plane_angle_dimension heading_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< heading_dimension, boost::units::degree::system > heading_unit
typedef boost::mpl::divides< boost::units::length_dimension, boost::units::time_dimension >::type speed_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< speed_dimension, boost::units::si::system > speed_unit
typedef boost::units::length_dimension depth_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< depth_dimension, boost::units::si::system > depth_unit
typedef boost::units::plane_angle_dimension pitch_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< pitch_dimension, boost::units::degree::system > pitch_unit
typedef boost::units::plane_angle_dimension roll_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< roll_dimension, boost::units::degree::system > roll_unit
typedef boost::mpl::divides< boost::units::length_dimension, boost::units::time_dimension >::type z_rate_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< z_rate_dimension, boost::units::si::system > z_rate_unit
typedef boost::units::length_dimension altitude_dimension
typedef boost::units::unit< altitude_dimension, boost::units::si::system > altitude_unit

Public Member Functions

 DesiredCourse (const DesiredCourse &from)
DesiredCourseoperator= (const DesiredCourse &from)
const ::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet & unknown_fields () const
inline::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet * mutable_unknown_fields ()
void Swap (DesiredCourse *other)
DesiredCourseNew () const
void CopyFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void MergeFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void CopyFrom (const DesiredCourse &from)
void MergeFrom (const DesiredCourse &from)
void Clear ()
bool IsInitialized () const
int ByteSize () const
bool MergePartialFromCodedStream (::google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream *input)
void SerializeWithCachedSizes (::google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream *output) const
::google::protobuf::uint8 * SerializeWithCachedSizesToArray (::google::protobuf::uint8 *output) const
int GetCachedSize () const
::google::protobuf::Metadata GetMetadata () const
bool has_time () const
void clear_time ()
double time () const
void set_time (double value)
bool has_heading () const
void clear_heading ()
double heading () const
void set_heading (double value)
bool has_speed () const
void clear_speed ()
double speed () const
void set_speed (double value)
bool has_depth () const
void clear_depth ()
double depth () const
void set_depth (double value)
bool has_pitch () const
void clear_pitch ()
double pitch () const
void set_pitch (double value)
bool has_roll () const
void clear_roll ()
double roll () const
void set_roll (double value)
bool has_z_rate () const
void clear_z_rate ()
double z_rate () const
void set_z_rate (double value)
bool has_altitude () const
void clear_altitude ()
double altitude () const
void set_altitude (double value)
template<typename Quantity >
void set_time_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity time_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< time_unit, doubletime_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_heading_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity heading_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< heading_unit, doubleheading_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_speed_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity speed_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< speed_unit, doublespeed_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_depth_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity depth_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< depth_unit, doubledepth_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_pitch_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity pitch_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< pitch_unit, doublepitch_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_roll_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity roll_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< roll_unit, doubleroll_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_z_rate_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity z_rate_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< z_rate_unit, doublez_rate_with_units () const
template<typename Quantity >
void set_altitude_with_units (Quantity value_w_units)
template<typename Quantity >
Quantity altitude_with_units () const
boost::units::quantity< altitude_unit, doublealtitude_with_units () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const ::google::protobuf::Descriptor * descriptor ()
static const DesiredCoursedefault_instance ()

Static Public Attributes

static const int kTimeFieldNumber = 1
static const int kHeadingFieldNumber = 2
static const int kSpeedFieldNumber = 3
static const int kDepthFieldNumber = 4
static const int kPitchFieldNumber = 5
static const int kRollFieldNumber = 6
static const int kZRateFieldNumber = 7
static const int kAltitudeFieldNumber = 8


void protobuf_AddDesc_goby_2fmoos_2fprotobuf_2fdesired_5fcourse_2eproto ()
void protobuf_AssignDesc_goby_2fmoos_2fprotobuf_2fdesired_5fcourse_2eproto ()
void protobuf_ShutdownFile_goby_2fmoos_2fprotobuf_2fdesired_5fcourse_2eproto ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file desired_course.pb.h.

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