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goby::common::FlexOStreamBuf Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FlexOStreamBuf (FlexOstream *parent)
int sync ()
 virtual inherited from std::streambuf. Called when std::endl or std::flush is inserted into the stream
int overflow (int c=EOF)
 virtual inherited from std::streambuf. Called when something is inserted into the stream
void name (const std::string &s)
 name of the application being served
void add_stream (logger::Verbosity verbosity, std::ostream *os)
 add a stream to the logger
bool is_quiet () const
 do all attached streams have Verbosity == quiet?
bool is_gui () const
 is there an attached stream with Verbosity == gui (ncurses GUI)
void enable_gui ()
logger::Verbosity highest_verbosity () const
void group_name (const std::string &s)
 current group name (last insertion of group("") into the stream)
void set_die_flag (bool b)
 exit on error at the next call to sync()
void set_verbosity_depth (logger::Verbosity depth)
logger::Verbosity verbosity_depth ()
void add_group (const std::string &name, Group g)
 add a new group
void refresh ()
 refresh the display (does nothing if !is_gui())
void set_lock_action (logger_lock::LockAction lock_action)
logger_lock::LockAction lock_action ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file flex_ostreambuf.h.

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