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goby::acomms::FileTransfer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FileTransfer (protobuf::FileTransferConfig *cfg_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from goby::common::ApplicationBase
 ApplicationBase (google::protobuf::Message *cfg=0)
void quit ()
 Requests a clean (return 0) exit.
std::string application_name ()
 name of this application (from AppBaseConfig::app_name). E.g. "garmin_gps_g"
std::string platform_name ()
 name of this platform (from AppBaseConfig::platform_name). E.g. "AUV-23" or "unicorn"
template<typename App , typename Config >
friend int::goby::run (int argc, char *argv[], Config *cfg)
const AppBaseConfigbase_cfg ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from goby::pb::Application
typedef goby::common::Colors Colors
- Protected Member Functions inherited from goby::pb::Application
template<typename ProtoBufMessage >
void subscribe (boost::function< void(const ProtoBufMessage &)> handler=boost::function< void(const ProtoBufMessage &)>(), const std::string &group="")
 Subscribe to a message (of any type derived from google::protobuf::Message) More...
template<typename ProtoBufMessage , class C >
void subscribe (void(C::*mem_func)(const ProtoBufMessage &), C *obj, const std::string &group="")
 Subscribe for a type using a class member function as the handler. More...
common::ZeroMQServicezeromq_service ()
 Fetchs the newest received message of this type. More...
boost::shared_ptr< StaticProtobufPubSubNodeWrapperpubsub_node ()
 Application (google::protobuf::Message *cfg=0)
virtual ~Application ()
void publish (const google::protobuf::Message &msg, const std::string &group="")
- Protected Member Functions inherited from goby::common::ZeroMQApplicationBase
 ZeroMQApplicationBase (ZeroMQService *service, google::protobuf::Message *cfg=0)
void set_loop_period (boost::posix_time::time_duration p)
 set the interval (with a boost::posix_time::time_duration) between calls to loop. Alternative to set_loop_freq(). More...
void set_loop_period (long milliseconds)
 set the interval in milliseconds between calls to loop. Alternative to set_loop_freq(). More...
void set_loop_freq (double hertz)
 set the frequency with which loop() is called. Alternative to set_loop_period(). More...
boost::posix_time::time_duration loop_period ()
 interval between calls to loop()
long loop_freq ()
 frequency of calls to loop() in Hertz
boost::posix_time::ptime t_start ()

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