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goby::common::LiaisonCommander Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LiaisonCommander (ZeroMQService *zeromq_service, const protobuf::LiaisonConfig &cfg, Wt::WContainerWidget *parent=0)
void moos_inbox (CMOOSMsg &msg)
void loop ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from goby::common::LiaisonContainer
 LiaisonContainer (Wt::WContainerWidget *parent)
void set_name (const Wt::WString &name)
const Wt::WString & name ()
virtual void cleanup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from goby::moos::MOOSNode
 MOOSNode (goby::common::ZeroMQService *service)
void send (const CMOOSMsg &msg, int socket_id, const std::string &group_unused="")
void subscribe (const std::string &full_or_partial_moos_name, int socket_id)
void unsubscribe (const std::string &full_or_partial_moos_name, int socket_id)
CMOOSMsgnewest (const std::string &key)
std::vector< CMOOSMsgnewest_substr (const std::string &substring)
- Public Member Functions inherited from goby::common::NodeInterface< CMOOSMsg >
ZeroMQServicezeromq_service ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from goby::common::NodeInterface< CMOOSMsg >
 NodeInterface (ZeroMQService *service)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 104 of file liaison_commander.h.

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